Established in 2013, the Great Cape Ambassadors Program (G – CAP) was designed and implemented based on DJ Ready D’s 26 years of experience with youth and community development initiatives.

SR4A is an extension of DJ Ready D’s insight into community and youth development. This has influenced us to take proactive steps based on road fatalities and the increase of accidents involving motor vehicles.

Our work expands with entities and events such as:

Voter Education with UWC, Red Bull, Loeries, Asics, International Films, Metro Police Youth Camps, Western Cape Governments Safely Home Campaign, Western Cape Premiers Office, Mayor of Cape Town’s anti – drug campaign, KykNet, Suidoostefees, Big5 Comedy, BC1 Dance Battles, ManUp Mens Health Campaigns, UWC Health Centre, Good Hope FM, 5FM, Metro FM, Cell C, Samsung, BAT, Rugby 7’s, King James, Gumtree, Ogilvy, Mercedes Benz
Claremont, Red Bull Box Cart and Three Style, Killarney International Raceway, Music Festivals and Clubs.


We have a range of properties operating within our GCAP framework such as:

  • The ScratchLab DJ Academy
  • Grandmaster Music Production
  • Grandmaster Events
  • The Beatbangaz DJ and Music Production Team
  • Drift Squad – Exhibition Drift Team
  • SR4A – Safer Roads For All

SR4A (Safer Roads For All)

Young people are negatively impacted as pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, drivers and passengers in vehicles. Reckless driving, illegal street racing, driving under the influence of abusive substances and road rage are a few of the factors that law abiding citizens have to contend with.   

SR4A (Safer Roads for All) is an issue concerning everyone, irrespective of race, gender or economic status.

We achieve this by making our youth and communities aware of road safety through our Safer Roads for All (SR4A) programs and we empower our participants through tangible experiences.

SR4A is now into its fourth year of activations at various events across Cape Town and Killarney International Raceway.

We have a highly dedicated skilled team that come with advanced driving and high-level drifting expertise. These skills are the bases of our interactions with participants that join the initiatives. Participants get real world and real-time experiences in a safe and controlled environment.

Our programmes are designed to engage, relate and connect with young people’s interest and savviness when it comes to music and cars.

Government Report

Based on the best available government reports, up to 17 000 people are dying on South African roads every year. This includes about 3 000 children. In 2017, approximately 1 330 people were killed on the road in the Western Cape. This year, over 300 people have already been killed on Western Cape roads.

At an individual and household level, the cost these figures represent cannot be measured. They create a negative ripple effect on families and generations. At a macroeconomic level, the economic damage impacts everyone. For instance, the last reported estimated cost to the South African economy was a staggering R149 billion. This is roughly 5 per cent of our Gross Domestic Product, but only represents the direct cost. The direct cost* includes the response of police, traffic, emergency medical services, forensic pathology services, fire and rescue and traffic management to a crash. It also includes justice system costs (e.g. there are approximately 1 000 new Driving Under the Influence cases and 100 new culpable homicide cases in the Western Cape every month), ER costs, hospital costs and morgue costs, as well as loss of earnings costs.

The Programmes

SR4A at Killarney International Raceway

  • A group of 10 – 20 participants are welcomed at Killarney International Raceway on a set date.
  • The participants are selected through our contacts, partnerships and links to communities across the City Of Cape Town.
  • The programmes run for a 2 hour period. 
  • Participants are briefed and made aware of risks and dangers of misusing our roads.
  • We take them to a demarcated area on the track to experience drifting advanced driving as a passenger with a professional driver.
  • Through this experience they get to understand car control and why all forms of motorsport should be reserved for a race track where it is safe.
  • We encourage our participants to become safety ambassadors by spreading the word and telling friends and family about their experience with SR4A. 
  • The number of activations that we roll out on the track is an average of 15 annually. 
  • SR4A plug into a number of outside established events throughout the course on the year apart from Killarney International Raceway.

External SR4A Platforms

  • Varsity tours with ManUp
  • Boland festival in Paarl
  • Drift City on The Cape Grand Parade
  • Open Streets
  • Radio Campaign with Good Hope FM

Campus Tours

We visited multiple campuses in partnership with the ManUp Men’s Health Campaign in 2018 and 2019. We strategically structured this event to include our road safety message.

Two SR4A vehicles are used to do drift demo’s. This exhibition has proven to get the crowd excited and buy into our message.

This activity is supported with a music element. We have DJ’s and open mic sessions in order to maintain interactivity with the audience. Participants also receive various incentives such as cash prizes, shopping and cell phone data vouchers. We will be moving forward with this campaign in 2019.

As SR4A – we can tailor make this concept to suite our partners need and take it to various communities and venues across the Western Cape and South Africa.


  • Chair – Malikah Daniels
  • Director – DJ Ready D
  • Cell – 0822567533
  • Email –

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